It’s coming together

I said yesterday that next year I will have everything ready a week before Christmas so that I can knit and watch Christmas movies and taste all the candy. Well, it’s not a week before Christmas, and there are still some things to be done, but it’s coming together. (Ask me again tomorrow, I’ll probably be totally crazed out.)


Today at work me and my closest co-workers had made some treats for our last staff meeting of the year. We also exchanged gifts. We had gingerbread, saffron truffles, saffron cake, marzipan and much more. It was delicious and lovely.


Tonight I wrapped all my gifts while watching Miracle on 34th street, which is probably my favorite Christmas movie. The Christmas knitting is all done and I have spent some time tonight knitting on a new Christmas shawl. I’m not sureĀ I will get it done before Christmas but close enough, I hope. I also put on a Christmas table cloth on the dining room table. I figure if I can’t have a tree nor Christmas curtains I can at least put on a table cloth. So I did. Only three days left now, bon courage!