Friday Heels #12

We are down to our last Friday Heels. Today is my last Friday working this side of 2016. Next week is Christmas Day and the Friday in two weeks is New Year’s Day and I don’t plan to be at work on either of those days. So, out with a bang it is with our last heels. And I’ve saved a good pair for you.


In honor of Christmas here are a pair of red pumps, a pair never worn before (except in the shoe shop where I bought them, I have no idea who might have tried them on before me). They are much redder than I remembered and a great pair of heels for Christmas. I also actually think the might be more comfortable than the other two pairs I have in different colors. That might be because these are the twelfth pair of heels this fall so I have gotten good practise.

Now, why do I have three pairs of the same shoe in different colors, you ask. Well, the first two pairs where an impulse purchase just before Easter a year or so ago. I went into the shoe store, saw the blue pair, it’s shinyness mesmerized me, and I had to have it. But there was also a green shoe there and I just couldn’t decide which ones to get so I got both. Then, six months later, the shoe store had a sale and I was looking for some good shoes for fall and I saw these red pairs and I had to have them too (I also got shoes for fall). I guess you just can’t have too many shoes.


They are bright and shiny and pretty. A friend of mine always says that red shoes makes you happy and that is very, very true. The heel is pretty, it’s like a 50’s ad where you wear a pretty dress and brightly colored lips and you are leaning a little backwards and lifting a foot so that you can hold on to your heel. I don’t recommend doing that unless you have removed the price tag though (which I haven’t, something I might have discovered while doing that, or I might not). As I said, I was surprised of the brightness and how red they were and I am seriously thinking of wearing them on Christmas. So definitely a good last pair in Friday Heels. It’s been fun. We’ll see what we come up with for next year.