Friday Heels #11


Today’s Friday Heels is a pair of goldie oldies. These are probably the oldest heels I own that has a little more elegance. About ten years ago I realized that I was in need of nice party shoes and I found these. They are super pretty and they might be the reason I started my seeping love for heels. They are quite unique and black while still being varigated in an elegant way. Looking back they were cheap (I actully found a price tag on the sole when I put them on today) but expensive for the budget I had then.


The heel isn’t really a problem, it’s high but not way too high (it might be because I have excercised a lot with heels this fall). Coincidentally these shoes also makes for great ballet flats. Once me and some friends from the student corridor I lived in, spontaneously went out for drinks on a summer evening and dressed up (heels and ties on) we took our bikes downtown. I went over a bump in the road and my heel got bumped too, so to speak, and completely feel off. It was a little weird walking around with only one heel but a good shoe maker worked it out for me later.  This is another pair of shoes that could benefit from being worn more, they need som breaking in in the toe area but should definitely not be forgotten in the closet. I will try to remember that.