Christmas spirit and Christmas stress


I told you I would finish my sock yesterday. Not only that but I have started the second one. Now I’m in┬áthe quite opposite stadium of eager to finish, now I’m more of “yeah, I can knit a round or two on this, whatever”. Those “round or two” adds up though, luckily, and sooner or later (preferably before Christmas) I will enter the almost-finished-mood again.

I actually think that the Christmas stress has gone a little out of hand. Today, while I was knitting on my sock, I was fretting over another Christmas gift that needs to be finished really soon and how I therefore need to start it. I wondered why that hadn’t occured to me before and then I realized I have already finished that gift days ago. It just needs blocking. Maybe I should work on my zen at the same time as my sock. Yeah, good plan.