Almost done? Well, let’s go then.


I don’t know about you but whenever I sense that I’m close to the end of someting, a knitting project or a book or something else, I can’t rest until it’s finished. The sense of being close to the end is quite arbitrary and I think it depends on the size of the project. For a book of 200 pages, maybe 50 pages counts as close to the end but for a book of 600 pages maybe 100 or 150 pages counts as almost done. When I notice that there is not much left, I think that I might just as well finish it to be done with it. This can be quite unexpectable, like, what if I have read for half an hour and the book is building up towards the grande finale and I should really stop reading and go do other stuff and be a responsible adult but I see that there is only 60 pages left, I’ll continue on reading. I highly overestimate the speed of my reading ability,I am a very slow reader, and those mere 60 pages might take me two hours or more depending on language and such. Then the book is finished, I have lost two hours and I am also without an on-going reading project which might mean that I need to go find a new book before I can let go and do something else.

Don’t get me wrong, this urge to finish things is most often quite excellent. I like to finish up what I’m doing before I go from work so I don’t leave unfinished things till the next morning and you would never see me sit down to take a break in the middle of vacuuming or folding laundry. Sometimes though, the urge to finish is perhaps a Little impractical. The other night I lost three hours of knitting time (that is December knitting time and we all know what that means) because I sat down to read a little while I had a sandwich and then the sandwich was done and I thought the book was almost done too and three hours later it really was done and I hadn’t knit a single stitch in that time.

It’s the same with knitting. It might be very close to bedtime but there are only a few (a few is a very relative amount) rows left before I’m done and then the cast off and there is really no point in not finish right now. Naturally this is the time the yarn decides to break or the cast off turns out to be a tricky and elaborate one or I loose a bead or something else that makes the “few” rounds take much longer than expected.

Today I was very close to finishing a sock but when at work I couldn’t do much about it. It sat in my project bag practically screaming for me to work on it and that is unacceptable. Something needs to be done. This sock will be finished today or I don’t know what to do and a new one will be cast on.