Time for the small things


Christmas is fast approaching and I have a number of small little knittings that needs to be done before December 24. It’s two and a half weeks left till Christmas Eve and there is no time for bigger things like sweaters and such but small things, small things can be accomplished.


Small things include socks, hats, wrist warmes, dish cloths, baby sweaters, mittens and so on. Still, there is a limit to how many small things can be made as well but let’s not think about that now, we will cross that bridge when we get to it (which is probably on December 24).


So far three little things are finished, or at least off the needles, and I have about five things left. Or rather, four and a half. I think it can be done. Hopefully.


Pattern: Netas sjal from Solkustens spinnverkstad. Yarn: 1-trådigt ullgarn from Ullcentrum, color Regnbåge. Mods: I just knit till I ran out of yarn.