Rockin’ around the bobbin lace pillow


I have decided to try to make this Decemer the most Christmas-y ever. Yesterday was a meeting with the bobbin lace guild and we had a very Christmas-y coffee break. I had my first mulled wine for the season…


and we had saffron buns. All very delicious.


I also made good progress on my lace. I have had trouble with this lace before but I am carefully optimistic and it is actually quite fun, finally. I’m looking forward to lace class on Wednesday.


I did struggle in the beginning though, really struggle. That little piece of lace is not pretty but I think it is improving and as I said, it’s becoming fun.


I haven’t gotten as into lace as some of the other members of the guild though. There is a whole little manufactury going on, elves, elves, elves.


Elves with porridge bowls and elves with smaller elves. Very pretty lace elves.


They make up wonderful Christmas cards, don’t they?