Friday Heels #10


Can you imagine we’ve already had ten Fridays and ten different heels? Apparently I have more high heeled shoes than I thought. Today has been a very rainy day so the pictures, even if they are taken indoors, are quite dull, but that is indeed a new pair of heels. They are the green version of the blue ones I showed you a few weeks ago. Since they look the same they also feel the same. I like how shiney they are but they are not a pair of shoes to walk around in for a longer time. Not a shorter time either. To put them on for a walk to the printer or the bathroom is quite enough but they are still fun to wear.


The heel is sort of very high which is quite delicious. A perfect pump heel and I feel very businesslike and important while walking around in these. You don’t mess with these heels. Also, since I couldn’t possibly run in them (I read somewhere that heels and purses are designed to slow women down, I can’t deny the truth in that), I bet they could come in handy in other situations, like if I have a nail that needs to be nailed, but no hammer, or to poke things and such. Also, since I have a blue pair and a green pair, if I ever find an outfit that works with that, I might wear one blue and one green shoe. I think that could be fun. Definitely and ice breaker at a party. This is actually the reason I bought both pair, so I could do that, but I haven’t gotten an opportunity yet. But one day it will happen, I’m sure.