Things that makes perfect sense to knitters but non-knitters don’t understand #1


When you are a knitter there are a certain amount of things that makes perfect sense to while others might look at you in a funny way. Other knitters understand you but non-knitters think you might be crazy for real. One of those things is trying on unfinished socks. To you, as a knitter, it makes perfect sense to try on a sock to see how much is left before you can start the toe decreases (pretty darn soon if you look at my foot and sock above). Others though, they don’t understand when I all of a sudden put my foot up on the couch and put on the sock in progress, all four needles and all. They think I might be weird (to me it would be weirder to make a sock that is too short or too big just because I didn’t dare measure it). I understand that the cluster of knitting needles can look intimidating, and I wouldn’t recommend walking in a sock with the needles still hanging, but if I was clever enough to make a sock all the way down to the toe decreases, rest assured that I know what I’m doing. I can handle it. And I will continue to put on socks in progress out in the public. If anything, people usually asks about it and then I get to talk about knitting. I see nothing wrong in that.

So, sock is measured and adjusted accordingly. Next stop, toe decreases.

Tired December


I love December. It’s a month that fly by and there are a lot of lovely lights and decorations everywhere. It’s also a stressful month but that stress is usually relieved by December 24. What I keep forgetting is how tired I use to be in December. The evening activities are plenty, the days are long even if the sun goes down early in the afternoon. There are so many things to do and so many things I want to do and yet I’m just tired. It will pass, I know it, but it might take some time. Ten days till Christmas but just a few minutes till I go to bed.

Good night!

Sunday evening reverie


It’s the third of advent (and coincidentally also Lucia) and I’ve had a meeting with my book club. We discussed Roxane Gay’s book Bad Feminist and drank tea. The discussion went through multiple subjects and I was roaming around my book cases to find references for our discussions. I turned a heel  and so was another knitter and I will start the gusset tomorrow. I’ve also made good progress on other knittings this weekend which feels great. There might be time for Christmas after all.

Put on your ballet shoes and join us


A few weeks ago I needed to get in to the Christmas feeling and what is the quickest and most guaranteed if somewhat expensive way to do that? The Nutcracker! Today we went to the Stockholm opera and saw it. It was beautiful and lovely and fun and rat kings and snowflakes and flowers who waltz and everything one could possibly wish.


Not to mention the opera itself is just amazingly pretty. We are trying to make this an annual December tradition even though we’ve missed last year. I also love that there are so many kids on the matines, they are quite unpredictable. Sometimes they are mesmerised and sometimes they are bored and they are not afraid to show it. We have also decided that we probably need more ballet in our lives. Maybe that could be a new year’s resolution?

Friday Heels #11


Today’s Friday Heels is a pair of goldie oldies. These are probably the oldest heels I own that has a little more elegance. About ten years ago I realized that I was in need of nice party shoes and I found these. They are super pretty and they might be the reason I started my seeping love for heels. They are quite unique and black while still being varigated in an elegant way. Looking back they were cheap (I actully found a price tag on the sole when I put them on today) but expensive for the budget I had then.


The heel isn’t really a problem, it’s high but not way too high (it might be because I have excercised a lot with heels this fall). Coincidentally these shoes also makes for great ballet flats. Once me and some friends from the student corridor I lived in, spontaneously went out for drinks on a summer evening and dressed up (heels and ties on) we took our bikes downtown. I went over a bump in the road and my heel got bumped too, so to speak, and completely feel off. It was a little weird walking around with only one heel but a good shoe maker worked it out for me later.  This is another pair of shoes that could benefit from being worn more, they need som breaking in in the toe area but should definitely not be forgotten in the closet. I will try to remember that.

Christmas spirit and Christmas stress


I told you I would finish my sock yesterday. Not only that but I have started the second one. Now I’m in the quite opposite stadium of eager to finish, now I’m more of “yeah, I can knit a round or two on this, whatever”. Those “round or two” adds up though, luckily, and sooner or later (preferably before Christmas) I will enter the almost-finished-mood again.

I actually think that the Christmas stress has gone a little out of hand. Today, while I was knitting on my sock, I was fretting over another Christmas gift that needs to be finished really soon and how I therefore need to start it. I wondered why that hadn’t occured to me before and then I realized I have already finished that gift days ago. It just needs blocking. Maybe I should work on my zen at the same time as my sock. Yeah, good plan.

Almost done? Well, let’s go then.


I don’t know about you but whenever I sense that I’m close to the end of someting, a knitting project or a book or something else, I can’t rest until it’s finished. The sense of being close to the end is quite arbitrary and I think it depends on the size of the project. For a book of 200 pages, maybe 50 pages counts as close to the end but for a book of 600 pages maybe 100 or 150 pages counts as almost done. When I notice that there is not much left, I think that I might just as well finish it to be done with it. This can be quite unexpectable, like, what if I have read for half an hour and the book is building up towards the grande finale and I should really stop reading and go do other stuff and be a responsible adult but I see that there is only 60 pages left, I’ll continue on reading. I highly overestimate the speed of my reading ability,I am a very slow reader, and those mere 60 pages might take me two hours or more depending on language and such. Then the book is finished, I have lost two hours and I am also without an on-going reading project which might mean that I need to go find a new book before I can let go and do something else.

Don’t get me wrong, this urge to finish things is most often quite excellent. I like to finish up what I’m doing before I go from work so I don’t leave unfinished things till the next morning and you would never see me sit down to take a break in the middle of vacuuming or folding laundry. Sometimes though, the urge to finish is perhaps a Little impractical. The other night I lost three hours of knitting time (that is December knitting time and we all know what that means) because I sat down to read a little while I had a sandwich and then the sandwich was done and I thought the book was almost done too and three hours later it really was done and I hadn’t knit a single stitch in that time.

It’s the same with knitting. It might be very close to bedtime but there are only a few (a few is a very relative amount) rows left before I’m done and then the cast off and there is really no point in not finish right now. Naturally this is the time the yarn decides to break or the cast off turns out to be a tricky and elaborate one or I loose a bead or something else that makes the “few” rounds take much longer than expected.

Today I was very close to finishing a sock but when at work I couldn’t do much about it. It sat in my project bag practically screaming for me to work on it and that is unacceptable. Something needs to be done. This sock will be finished today or I don’t know what to do and a new one will be cast on.

Time for the small things


Christmas is fast approaching and I have a number of small little knittings that needs to be done before December 24. It’s two and a half weeks left till Christmas Eve and there is no time for bigger things like sweaters and such but small things, small things can be accomplished.


Small things include socks, hats, wrist warmes, dish cloths, baby sweaters, mittens and so on. Still, there is a limit to how many small things can be made as well but let’s not think about that now, we will cross that bridge when we get to it (which is probably on December 24).


So far three little things are finished, or at least off the needles, and I have about five things left. Or rather, four and a half. I think it can be done. Hopefully.


Pattern: Netas sjal from Solkustens spinnverkstad. Yarn: 1-trådigt ullgarn from Ullcentrum, color Regnbåge. Mods: I just knit till I ran out of yarn.


Rockin’ around the bobbin lace pillow


I have decided to try to make this Decemer the most Christmas-y ever. Yesterday was a meeting with the bobbin lace guild and we had a very Christmas-y coffee break. I had my first mulled wine for the season…


and we had saffron buns. All very delicious.


I also made good progress on my lace. I have had trouble with this lace before but I am carefully optimistic and it is actually quite fun, finally. I’m looking forward to lace class on Wednesday.


I did struggle in the beginning though, really struggle. That little piece of lace is not pretty but I think it is improving and as I said, it’s becoming fun.


I haven’t gotten as into lace as some of the other members of the guild though. There is a whole little manufactury going on, elves, elves, elves.


Elves with porridge bowls and elves with smaller elves. Very pretty lace elves.


They make up wonderful Christmas cards, don’t they?


Friday Heels #10


Can you imagine we’ve already had ten Fridays and ten different heels? Apparently I have more high heeled shoes than I thought. Today has been a very rainy day so the pictures, even if they are taken indoors, are quite dull, but that is indeed a new pair of heels. They are the green version of the blue ones I showed you a few weeks ago. Since they look the same they also feel the same. I like how shiney they are but they are not a pair of shoes to walk around in for a longer time. Not a shorter time either. To put them on for a walk to the printer or the bathroom is quite enough but they are still fun to wear.


The heel is sort of very high which is quite delicious. A perfect pump heel and I feel very businesslike and important while walking around in these. You don’t mess with these heels. Also, since I couldn’t possibly run in them (I read somewhere that heels and purses are designed to slow women down, I can’t deny the truth in that), I bet they could come in handy in other situations, like if I have a nail that needs to be nailed, but no hammer, or to poke things and such. Also, since I have a blue pair and a green pair, if I ever find an outfit that works with that, I might wear one blue and one green shoe. I think that could be fun. Definitely and ice breaker at a party. This is actually the reason I bought both pair, so I could do that, but I haven’t gotten an opportunity yet. But one day it will happen, I’m sure.