That’s something we didn’t think of


I have started on a new Vacillate, this time for Agnieszka. She as decided on the order of the colors and I have agreed on that order. The yarn kit is called Degas and is inspired by one of Degas’ ballerina paintings. I think it will be really pretty.


It’s fun to be knitting a Vacillate again but I can’t help thinking that we must have done something wrong with the order of the colors. It can’t be that from the two, out of eight, contasting colors that were also on the first Vacillate, they happen to be the same two contrasting colors that are the first ones in this version. It is actually a little boring. I was hoping for new color sensations but instead so far all I’ve got is same old, same old. The solution is to knit fast so I can get done with the first two pattern repeats and move on to new experiences. Luckily it’s not much left before I can leave the orange and the off white behind. I expect it will happen sometime this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it.