The irony of the hood


So, remember this? The cardigan that was so much work? Well, I finished it a little while ago and last week it was finally delivered to it’s recipient. We had our wedding at a mansion and the mansion wedding co-ordinator was just the sweetest person imaginable. Nothing was impossible and everything just worked out perfectly.


She had a little baby at home so to thank her for letting us getting so much of her time I decided to make a little cardigan for the baby once all of the wedding stuff was over. I decided on a pattern, bought the yarn and got started. Let me tell you, the construction on this cardigan does not make for a quick knit. It just goes on forever and with the sleeves the rows where just incredibly long. Eventually though it was done and I could start on the hood, the forever-taking hood.


The irony with the hood though, I was knitting on it and knitting and knitting and knitting and finally it was done but when I was finishing up and was about to sew the hood together I noted that it was – get this – too long. I had to rip out almost four inches but then it was perfect.


Obstacles and boredom aside, I really love how this cardigan turned out. I left out the chrocheted edges and I just think it’s a cool yet adorable little cardigan and I’m sure the kid in question will look super cute. I just hope the cardigan is as comfortable at it looks. The end result almost makes up for the process of making it but I think it will take a while before I give it another go.


Pattern: Buttercup Jacket from Drops Design. Yarn: Drops Baby Merino from Garnstudio, color 35 dark Purple. Mods: I left out the crochet.