Friday Heels #8


It’s Friday evening and I just gotten back from the gym. I feel audaciously smug about it. I don’t go to the gym that often so when I do I think I get to feel smug. But enough about that. Today is, as stated before, Friday and time for another pair of heels.


These shoes were cheap and that shows. The seams are bursting, the color is weared in some places but they are pumps and they are pink. I’m not sure there could actally be any lovelier shoes than pink heels.


The heel is the perfect height so I barely feel I’m wearing heels at all. The only problem is due to them being cheap – the front lining isn’t very stretchy and therefore dig into my feet a little bit, especially when it’s hot and my feet are swelling a little. Today was probably the coldest day so far this fall so it was a good day for these. It’s a good shoe for most parties and I like them. I mean, they are pink after all.