NaKnitMo update

Yesterday was the halfway mark for NaKnitMo and I just wanted to show you how it’s going.


It’s going well. 7 000 sts more than I need to so I have good hopes that I can reach my goal. So far I’ve knit a sweater, half of my MKAL shawl, and a pair of socks. I have now a hat, a sock and a capelet on the needles (and I also have a lot of blocking to do) and I hope to finish all these and also start some new things. I do think I might be under the impression that 100 000 sts will take me so far but it really isn’t that much when you put it together. The Great Lace was way more than 100 000 sts. But then again, a pair of socks are a lot less. It’s all about perspectives.