Friday Heels #7


Today we are bringing in the heavy artillery when it comes to shoes. These are a classic pair of pumps, shiney, high heel, and the perfect roundness of the toe. And they are blue. I like shoes in colors and I also have these shoes in two different colors.


For me the heel is a tad too high but honestly, the real problem with these shoes is that the heel is too high for me to be able to wear the shoes long enough to break them in. I think they would be much more comfortable in the front if I was able to walk in the for longer periods of time. As long as I sit down a lot they are perfectly wearable but I once wore them to a wedding where we went on a bus from the church to the reception venue. The bus ride was long and I had no seat but had to stand for about 20-30 minutes and that was not something that neither feet nor shoes  liked. Luckily we got to sit down fairly quickly once we arrived at the venue. The best part with shoes like this, apart from how good they look, is that you can easily kick them off under the table and just as easily put them on again once it’s time to leave the table and no one will ever know.