Between easy and difficult


I am obsessed with knitting socks. All I want to do is to take up my sock knitting. That’s what it’s been like all day. I can consider picking up my new and pretty coloring book too but that is only if it’s not possible to pick up my sock-in-progress for some reason. I don’t know what this comes from, this sock knitting urge. Maybe it’s because I just finished a pair and the itch isn’t over yet (I immediately cast on a new pair of course). Apparently it’s not very common for a woman for 31 to knit socks publicly because yesterday I was compared to someones grandmother (again) and someone else questioned whether or not I was actually an experienced knitter. That same person also said, when I was asked if the lace shawl I was wearing had been difficult to make and I said that no, it wasn’t, that everything is easy once you know how to do it. Sure, I guess, but things can still be objectively difficult or objectively easy and objectively speaking, the lace on that shawl wasn’t difficult. It might not be the easíest thing but it’s not difficult (which was all I had said, that it wasn’t difficult). My wedding veil was difficult, objectively speaking, but just because something isn’t difficult it’s not necessary easy either, or at least I think so. A pair of vanilla socks might be considered easy, it my great aunts could make socks when they were five years old, socks must be considered easy apart from the turning of the heel and the toe decreases (which my great grandmother made for my great aunts) but I still wouldn’t consider turning a heel difficult. Just because you don’t know how to do a certain thing doesn’t mean it’s difficult to do and things can still be difficult even if you know perfectly well how to do it (baking macaroons, that is difficult even though I know how to do it, in the sense that you can do it correctly and following the recipe to the dot but the macaroons might still end up in a sad little pile, but crawling isn’t difficult even if I don’t know how to do it and I can easily learn it). I can easily learn how to knit, so even if I don’t know how to knit it’s still not difficult. Then it might be difficult to get the result you want but the actual craft is not difficult to learn – pull a loop of yarn through a previous loop of yarn. Then of course depending on who you are, things might be easier or more difficult but I guess it all depends on what meaning we put into the words difficult and easy and also whether or not we are interested in learning something or not.

I will continue my not-so-difficult but still delicious sock knitting until the urge wears off – hopefully not mid-sock, because then it might be difficult to finish.