Friday Heels #6


Today I had a little vampire thing going on, black dress and a new shawl I’ve made and ciocia Nina’s lovely ear rings in deep red. To this today’s heels were a give choice, my red pumps with a T-strap. I love these shoes. They are super pretty but not super comfotable so I’d rather not walk around in them for longer periods. But during a day at work it works fine (as long as no one asks me to run to the other side of the building , these are not shoes to run in, these are shoes where you travel around your office by elevator).


The best with these shoes, among all the great things, are the heels.¬†They are¬†incredibly flattering, they look just like a pump heel should look. I don’t know why but it’s something about the shape that just speaks to me. A pair of very nice shoes that I really should consider wearing more often. Especially together with today’s vampire inspired outfit, yum!