Join the in-crowd?

So, it finally happened. I’ve joined the in-crowd. 20 years too late. Or rather, I’m that sad person who tries but fails because my efforts are there but they are not right, they are just almost. I’m sure you can relate (unless you were one of the popular kids in school but then I doubt you would read a knitting blog), everyone has a certain type of shoe and you are lucky enough to get the same kind of shoes and you wear them proudly to school only to discover that they are the wrong brand and therefore hopelessly wrong all over.


This is now me (not the mannequin, but the person with the metaphorical wrong shoes). Ponchos are in vogue this fall. I cast on a poncho before I knew that and I have dutifully knit on it all of October. Last week I finished it and I blocked it and sewed it together. This week I’ve worn it with pride. I have for once found something in fashion before it’s out of fashion again.


But then you know, my poncho is not like the ones other’s are wearing. Nope, mine is home made, not store bought, and therefore comes with a different look. The only resemblance my poncho, or ponchette, has with store bought ponchos, is that you pull it over your head but it has no sleeves.


Due to this I doubt that anyone will actually see how deeply in fashion I am. I doubt that people actually understand that this is a real poncho, just as real as the store bought ones. The thing is thought, that I don’t care. I love my poncho! It’s pretty, it’s warm, it’s comfortable, it’s a great color and it’s very becoming. It’s much lovelier than the store bought ones (seriously, whenever was a big camel colored tent pretty? (no offense if anyone who reads this happened to buy one, I’m sure it looks lovely on you)). I might not be in fashion but, since my poncho is way nicer than the store bought ones, I’d say I’m beyond fashion. Or maybe ahead of fashion, that might sound better. I’m still the geeky-ish knitter girl and I have a darling poncho and around my peeps, my knitters and geeks, I’m as darling as my poncho. Eat that, in-crowd!


Pattern: #409 Cool Hemp Ponchette by Lana Hames. Yarn: Tosh DK from Madeline Tosh, color Black currant, sadly discontinued. Mods: Knit about five repeats more than the pattern stated. That might have been a repeat or two too long.