Friday Heels #8


It’s Friday evening and I just gotten back from the gym. I feel audaciously smug about it. I don’t go to the gym that often so when I do I think I get to feel smug. But enough about that. Today is, as stated before, Friday and time for another pair of heels.


These shoes were cheap and that shows. The seams are bursting, the color is weared in some places but they are pumps and they are pink. I’m not sure there could actally be any lovelier shoes than pink heels.


The heel is the perfect height so I barely feel I’m wearing heels at all. The only problem is due to them being cheap – the front lining isn’t very stretchy and therefore dig into my feet a little bit, especially when it’s hot and my feet are swelling a little. Today was probably the coldest day so far this fall so it was a good day for these. It’s a good shoe for most parties and I like them. I mean, they are pink after all.

For the rest of the knit season


It’s the time of the year when most things are secret and very hush-hush. Christmas is just a few weeks away and the knitting needles are forever clicking but nothing can be shown. So far four Christmas gifts are just a block away so this weekend is going to be a major blocking weekend. It will be great.


I don’t know how many gifts are still in pipeline, I figure I will just go on knitting until Christmas Eve and we’ll see how much is finished by then. I do have yarn for no less than three Vacillates too but none is really a Christmas gift and one is actually for me.


Then I also have two more projects I’d like to make for myself, two shawls. One especially is adorable and looks like such a fun knit. I’m looking forward to dig into my stash and maybe loose few pounds there. There are so much un-knit knittings in the future but step one is Christmas gifts. So, more knitting and a lot more blocking this weekend.


Pattern: Hidden Gusset by Mone Dräger. Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, color Pocion. Mods: I decrased two stitches on the opposite side of the thumb just before the final ribbing to make them a little snugger since my hands are narrower over my fingers. I made the mitts a little longer so they would cover my knuckles and I knit the final ribbing with needles 2,5 mm instead of 2,75 mm. I made these last spring when I was sick of knitting white lace and I love them. They were a delight to knit and they are lovely to wear.

Until it stops


I have the most boring knitting right now. Well, not the most boring but pretty darn boring. All I want is for it to be finished so I can move on to other things so that’s my plan for tonight, and maybe also for tomorrow, to knit and knit until I reach the end or till my yarn runs out, whichever comes first. I’m quite determind.

NaKnitMo update

Yesterday was the halfway mark for NaKnitMo and I just wanted to show you how it’s going.


It’s going well. 7 000 sts more than I need to so I have good hopes that I can reach my goal. So far I’ve knit a sweater, half of my MKAL shawl, and a pair of socks. I have now a hat, a sock and a capelet on the needles (and I also have a lot of blocking to do) and I hope to finish all these and also start some new things. I do think I might be under the impression that 100 000 sts will take me so far but it really isn’t that much when you put it together. The Great Lace was way more than 100 000 sts. But then again, a pair of socks are a lot less. It’s all about perspectives.

Sleeves again


This is really a knitting under the radar but I am just so proud that I had to show you anyway – that is two finished sleeves. Attached to a body nontheless. That is good news. My socks is also in progress and I have an MKAL shawl that is just a block away from finished. Tomorrow starts another MKAL and my yarn kit hasn’t arrived yet but I have made sure I can start anyway. All in all, my knitting ducks are in a row.

Friday Heels #7


Today we are bringing in the heavy artillery when it comes to shoes. These are a classic pair of pumps, shiney, high heel, and the perfect roundness of the toe. And they are blue. I like shoes in colors and I also have these shoes in two different colors.


For me the heel is a tad too high but honestly, the real problem with these shoes is that the heel is too high for me to be able to wear the shoes long enough to break them in. I think they would be much more comfortable in the front if I was able to walk in the for longer periods of time. As long as I sit down a lot they are perfectly wearable but I once wore them to a wedding where we went on a bus from the church to the reception venue. The bus ride was long and I had no seat but had to stand for about 20-30 minutes and that was not something that neither feet nor shoes  liked. Luckily we got to sit down fairly quickly once we arrived at the venue. The best part with shoes like this, apart from how good they look, is that you can easily kick them off under the table and just as easily put them on again once it’s time to leave the table and no one will ever know.

Time for gingerbread and glitter


It’s coming. I can feel it, it’s coming. It’s the middle of November and Christmas is coming. Soon. I love it. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this much Christmas feelings so early, but here I am, eating clementines, gingerbread and chocolate (according to the label, Christmas flavored). I want things to be cozy and I’m drinking tea and I’m knitting. I won’t mind doing this for the next six weeks. Just imagine how many socks I can make in six weeks. I bet a lot.

Between easy and difficult


I am obsessed with knitting socks. All I want to do is to take up my sock knitting. That’s what it’s been like all day. I can consider picking up my new and pretty coloring book too but that is only if it’s not possible to pick up my sock-in-progress for some reason. I don’t know what this comes from, this sock knitting urge. Maybe it’s because I just finished a pair and the itch isn’t over yet (I immediately cast on a new pair of course). Apparently it’s not very common for a woman for 31 to knit socks publicly because yesterday I was compared to someones grandmother (again) and someone else questioned whether or not I was actually an experienced knitter. That same person also said, when I was asked if the lace shawl I was wearing had been difficult to make and I said that no, it wasn’t, that everything is easy once you know how to do it. Sure, I guess, but things can still be objectively difficult or objectively easy and objectively speaking, the lace on that shawl wasn’t difficult. It might not be the easíest thing but it’s not difficult (which was all I had said, that it wasn’t difficult). My wedding veil was difficult, objectively speaking, but just because something isn’t difficult it’s not necessary easy either, or at least I think so. A pair of vanilla socks might be considered easy, it my great aunts could make socks when they were five years old, socks must be considered easy apart from the turning of the heel and the toe decreases (which my great grandmother made for my great aunts) but I still wouldn’t consider turning a heel difficult. Just because you don’t know how to do a certain thing doesn’t mean it’s difficult to do and things can still be difficult even if you know perfectly well how to do it (baking macaroons, that is difficult even though I know how to do it, in the sense that you can do it correctly and following the recipe to the dot but the macaroons might still end up in a sad little pile, but crawling isn’t difficult even if I don’t know how to do it and I can easily learn it). I can easily learn how to knit, so even if I don’t know how to knit it’s still not difficult. Then it might be difficult to get the result you want but the actual craft is not difficult to learn – pull a loop of yarn through a previous loop of yarn. Then of course depending on who you are, things might be easier or more difficult but I guess it all depends on what meaning we put into the words difficult and easy and also whether or not we are interested in learning something or not.

I will continue my not-so-difficult but still delicious sock knitting until the urge wears off – hopefully not mid-sock, because then it might be difficult to finish.

Socks, socks, socks


This weekend was a blast but it was my birthday Saturday so it was expected. I am again reminded that I have amazing friends who knows me better than I know myself sometimes. All things pink, chocolate-y, cookie-y, tea-y, book-y, office supplice-y (yes, I do love office supplice, I don’t mention it often because it makes me look even crazier than the knitting does but it’s nontheless true), creative and knitter-y has flown my way and I love it. We went out for drinks and had a great time. I always go for a pink princess drink and the one I got on Satuday was exceptionally great. Watermelon, yay!

During the weekend, even though I’ve been out and about, I have managed to almost finish a pair of socks. It’s the second year in a row that I knit on Agnieszka’s Christmas socks during my birthday party. Last year she didn’t know they were for her but this year she knew. But, since she has only seen them in badly lit rooms I figure I should wait to show them on the blog till after Christmas. Also, they are not blocked yet. In the mean time I can show you Another pair of socks that I finished a while ago.


These are my new socks, an MKAL during August and September.


They have a pattern all the way and beads (I’m not sure about the beads, they feel a little unnecessary on a pair of socks). They are my first toe-up socks but so far I think I prefer top down socks. Still it’s fun to have tried a new technique. I made one in magic loop and the other on dpn’s. One it a little looser than the other, thank goodness.


Why “thank goodness” you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. These are the first socks that I’ve ever swatched for, which was good since it was very important to get you own size with these. Still, even though I did that, the foot is too long, probably because I’ve never made a toe-up sock before and didn’t know what to expect when I came to the heel. I can work around that though but the biggest problem comes on the leg of the sock. In the back there you see a diamond shape, there is one in the front too but it’s the one in the back that is the problem, which, and I should have thought of this but I also this the pattern should have mentioned it, makes the sock less stretchy. This means that it is incredibly difficult to pull the sock over the heel. On the looser one it’s easier but it’s still not easy. I think that I will break the sock one of these days because I pull too hard to get my foot in (I feel like Cinderella’s stepsister, the one who had too big a heel and had to cut it off). Still, I wear these socks but we’ll see for how long they will bear with me.


Pattern: Zolotoy by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Stunning String Studio Smashing Sock and Stunning String Studio Glitz in colors Summer Gardens and Palace Blue.