Friday Heels #5


Today’s shoes are a pair of blue pumps that I found in a for sales bin outside a shoe store one spring day a couple of years ago. They were cheap and and my size and I bought them immediately. Come to think of it, most of my pumps purchases are impulse buyings. I rarely say to myself “Let’s go out and buy a pair of pumps” but still pumps just jump into my closet. Actually, all of the shoes I’ve shown you so far are impulse buyings except the ones I found in a lost and found box. But these are exceptional since I didn’t even enter the store (well, obviously I did to pay for them but that was after I had found them because the bin was outside the store).


I’d call them easy. Easy in the sense that they aren’t super fancy but are still high heeled so still fancy in a non-fancy way, so to speak. A way to up the clothing a notch but in a very subtle way or a way to wear heels with a nice dress but still be comfortable – an easy way out. They are comfortable but are getting a little to big actually, so they are getting harder to walk in for that reason. Still, a very good run for a pair of shoes found in a sales bin.