One step forward, two steps back


I realize it’s been a while since I showed you some lace, some bobbin lace that is. If my last lace was long, this is instead wide. I have way too many bobbins for my pillow and it has all been a big mess.


The pattern is called Enkla pepparkakan (Single Gingerbread) but in Swedish the Word “enkla” has two meanings, it can mean both single (which is probably what the designer had in mind, single gingerbread as opposed to double gingerbread (I don’t know if there is a lace called Double Gingerbread though)) and simple which in this case feels a bit like mocking since this lace is everything but simple (which is probably why there isn’t a double gingerbread).


I really do think that the pattern is pretty, it has just been impossible to make and there is no good work description either. I must have undone every single step at least once and it has taken me many hours to get this far. I have been very tempted to just cut it off and throw everything away but I am not a quiter. That has been proven in this lace as well as the other day at pilates class when the substitute instructor made so mad I almost left the class  (we do not shame bodies! But that’s a different discussion) but I didn’t walk out, I finished the class and am thinking of writing the instructor a very eloquent e-mail instead. That’s a different story, the point is that I am not a quiter (unless it comes to books, I am a firm believer that life’s too short for bad books, but again I digress). wpid-dsc_7005.jpg

I have continued working the lace and slowly, slowly I’ve made progress. I have made almost one pattern repeat and not everything with it is ugly. It’s still early days so I won’t exhale just yet and it’s still not simple (and not very single either…?) but I might not throow it out just yet.