The finishing week


Lately I seem to be more obsessed with knitting than usual. I offer knitted things left and right and I buy tons of yarn. I have a huge number och planned knittings and I thought, I need to take a breath. I have some unfinished knittings as well. Knittings that I do indeed plan to finish but just haven’t gotten around to do so yet. So I decided to get a grip. This week is all about finishing. One finished object per night, and then I get to knit on whatever I want. Yesterday I was incredibly tired but I still managed to finish a wrist warmer short of the kitchener stitch bind off. I even wove in the ends. Now all I have to make is another one for the pair to be complete. Tonight I fnished the never ending purple cardigan. It turned out I had made the hood way too big so I had to frog several centimeters and bind off again. It took me all evening to finish but now it’s done. Way too much work for the result even though the finished cardigan is very, very pretty. I’ll try to snap some pictures this weekend, daylights is a quickly disappearing treat right now. Next projects on my agenda are the second wristwarmer and my almost finished ponchette.