All about the yarn


So, the crafts fair Saturday. It was amazing, just as amazing as last year, but this year I knew what to expect and I had a plan. It’s fun to watch all the different crafts and vendors even though you’re not particularly interested in what they sell. I went past the scrapbooking section and the quilt section and the beads. I didn’t even linger by the bobbin lace section. No, this year was all about the yarn.


Yarn in many colors.


And displays. I love meeting all the local producers and squeeze their yarn instead of just looking at them from a computer screen. There is so much delicious yarn in the world.


Yarn in hair…


and yarn already prepared for bodies (and souls perhaps?).


Last year I made a note to remember to rehydrate and have someone to keep watch of all the bags and purchases so this year I brought a water bottle and Julle. Julle almost immediately found a machine to operate, I think he thought it would be fun to have one himself. In a particularly delicious booth (the bundle of pink gradients and lovely orange/yellow sport weight below) I found Christine and we had lunch together and also went to some special booths of exceptionally intriguing yarn while Julle watched the bags and studied for a test.


I found what I was looking for and also some surprises. There are a lot of lovely projects in here, a lot of them socks. I have plans for some of these skeins but not all. Yet…