Friday Heels #4


Yesterday really wasn’t my day. In the early morning I tripped on my way to a meeting and twisted my ankle. It felt okay during the day and I went for a work out with Agnieszka later in the evening and things felt okay. Then after work out I jammed my finger while refilling my water bottle. The finger turned blue and started swelling to the point where I could no longer a ring. When I came back home, my ankle started hurting more and I realized that too was swollen. I went to bed but it was difficult to fall asleep due to the pain. I finally did fall asleep only to wake up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache. A pain killer helped settle that but it wasn’t a very perky girl waking up this morning. Also, earlier this week my bike turned out to have a flat tire and due to both ankle swelling and walking instead of biking, today’s heels weren’t put on until I got to work.


I find that the ability to walk in heels is like lifting weights. When you do it often you get stronger and can lift heavier and heavier weights but if you hold up you lose your strenght and have to re-start on much lighter weights. It’s the same with heels, when you walk in them often it gets easier and easier and you can move over to higher and higher heels but if you hold up for some time it gets harder to walk in heels again. Thse heels have been very comfortable earlier but right now it’s not possible for me to walk longer distances. Apart from the heel though, they are very comfortable and it’s a good heel to walk in, solid. Also, they look good and very business like. After a work day in these, putting on my regular shoes was like wearing flats.