Somewhat overrated

I do like tea. A lot. I drink tea every day and you might even say I’m a bit addicted since I might get a head ache in the afternoon if I haven’t had any black tea before noon. I also happens to be best friends with a real tea nerd so there are good conditions for nurturing a tea addiction.


For a while now I’ve heard about the tea that blossom into a flower when you put it in hot water and a friend of mine told me how much he drank of this tea when he had a cold the other week. The tea was bought at Harrod, mhm, snobbish, I know and he was very proud. The other day he brought us three tea flower buds at work and today we thought we would try it.


I can’t say it lived up to the expectations. It did unfold, that is true, but not into a pretty flower. It looked more like some seaweed had decided to take a swim in our pitcher. It didn’t smell very nice either but luckily it tasted better than it smelled even though I won’t be sorry if it takes a while before someone offers me this kind of tea again. But yeah, the flavor and the smell was secundary from the beginning and I probably wouldn’t have felt so disappointed if the “flower” had actually become a flower instead of this tangle floating around. I think I’ll stick to my regular tea for the next few weeks.