It’s in the color


Isn’t it interesting how much color choices affect the finished result? In the wrist warmers above brown is the main color in the finished one and the unfinished one has turquoise as main color and they look very different. Yet another proof, not that I needed one, of the importance of color and it’s effect on pretty much everything from mood to appearance. It never seizes to amaze me and makes me even more convinced that a careful choice in color is important, especially if you do something as time consuming as knitting – you don’t want to invest a lot of time in something that won’t turn out well due to badly chosen colors.

Also, the pattern is not as ad hoc on the unfinished wrist warmer. I must say I rather like the order in it even though I’m still a bit skeptic towards the main color as a main color. We’ll se when it’s all done.