It flew by like the wind


As of yesterday I am back home safe and sound. It’s been a great few days, I’ve had so much fun, both intellectually and socially and it was lovely to see my friend Ida again. In the end I brought three pairs of socks’ and a children’s cardigan’s worth of knitting and I cast on one pair of socks and the cardigan on the train there. I knit a few rows on the sock at the end of the conference when I didn’t want to disturb the lectures by joining the sleeves to the cardigan body but besides that I only knit on the cardy. Despite the fact that I barely knit a stitch on Saturday, by the time I reached my town I had only half the yoke left. I consider that good progress. Also, it was the perfect knitting for a conference, I often find the body of a small cardigan tidious since it’s a lot of rows in stockinette stitch on small needles and it usually just takes longer than I think is necessary. But doing this at a conference was perfect since I had a lot of knitting time so it actually did go fast, one day and it was done, and it wasn’t tidious since I got to listen to interesting lectures and seminars at the same time. Simply perfect.