Loose ends


The day has been spent tying up loose ends (while not actually weaving in ends). I had a pair of socks that were 40 something¬†rounds from being finished and besides the satisfaction of a finished project I also wanted to free up the needles for other projects. Now the socks are done and blocking and I have five double pointed needles to do whatever I want with. I’m not sure how I feel about the socks yet, we’ll see after they are blocked, but the color is really nice, especially now that fall is really here, the air is crisp, there is frost in the mornings and more and more leaves are turning yellow and red, and 40 rounds of one sock is ridiculous to leave undone. It will also be interesting to hopefully be able to fully grasp the lace when the socks are blocked.

Now it’s time to finish up some more on-going projects.