Friday Heels #2


Next out in Friday Heels is a pair of purple pumps that I found in a lost and found box at my then boss’ office back in 2009. I tried these shoes on and liked them and put them in my own office for a few weeks until I was sure the owner wasn’t coming for them while at the same time walked around the office in them every few days. They are great because they were already broken in when I got them and think the previous owner wasn’t the first owner because I happen to know the previous owner is my age and I think these pumps might be from the 80’s (they are quite similar to the ones my mum wore when she got married sometimes in the 1980’s) and someone my age didn’t have big enough feet to wear this in the 80’s.


I love this type of heel even though it’s difficult to walk in on certain fondations but I think it’s very becoming. The toe is a bit too pointy for me, I prefer very round toes but the purple color makes up for any flaw they might have in other areas. They aren’t super comfortable but works fine it I only have to walk short distances and can sit down every now and then. All in all, a good shoe in a nice color and color is always a good thing.