A knitter-y life


It seems that projects har flying on and off my needles and I can’t even keep track on how many works-in-progress I have. Wrist-warmers, shawls, socks and so, so many things planned. Christmas is coming up and unlike last year I have almost too many plans. There are more socks, sweaters and shawls. Some projects are fast and have barely entered the needles before they’re off again. Others are a little slow and I have to wait and I think I am not the most patient Knitter right now. I want everything done now so I can start something new. I’ve spent the last two nights working on a shawl and it’s still not finished. This is a little frustrating since I’m at the edging and apparently it doesn’t matter I finished something else not two days ago. I love it though, both the shawl and the fact that I’ve buried myself in yarn and projects. The inspiration and energy seems infinite (for now, I know it might change at any time) and not many minutes outside of work are dedicated to anything else but knitting. It’s a pretty pleasant life.