Knitter by the sea


On Friday evening we packed up our car and set off to the coast. We were spending a romantic weekend in the lovely town of Öregrund. Let me tell you from the beginning, the sea suits me. I’ve never lived close to more water than a river but for some reason I felt strangely at home in Öregrund. The water, the cute little houses and the alleys just felt welcoming and embracing. A yarn store and I would move there in a second.


Our hotel room was decorated in flowers and pink and was just the cutest thing. Since it was a romantic weekend, we’ve only been married two months after all, we had some fruit and champagne brought up to our room and after a quick dinner we played yahtzee and drank champagne well into the night.


I must say it was quite a difference playing yahtzee with Julle than from what I remember playing with the neighbors’ grandchildren when I was a kid. None of us got yahtzee but it was fun anyway. We think very differently when it comes to tactics but that’s just making it more interesting.


On Satuday morning we had a great breakfast, the bread was delicious and I got an entire pot of tea all to myself. I’ve never seen that in a hotel before, that you can make yourself a pot of tea instead of just a cup. It was prefect, more hotels should follow.


After breakfast it was time to go check out the ocean. Now, as I said, the ocean suits me. I had no idea but I was almost as mesmerized by the ocean as I was by the locks two years ago. Almost. I’ve seen the ocean Before but it wasn’t until now that I fully understood it’s level of Entertainment.


Julle agreed with me.


I think the ocean suits him as well.


The ocean is a great place to play with your toys as long as you are responsible enough not to drop them in the water. I have many pictures of the ocean and even more pictures of Julle taking pictures of the ocean. As is often the case when we are on vacation. I think Julle toys with the idea of making an exhibition soon. I toy with the idea of making an exhibition with pictures of him taking pictures, a behind-the-scenes exhibition. To be fair he has a lot of pictures of me taking pictures of knitted stuff as well. None of us owns a selfie stick though, we rarely take pictures of ourself.


Speaking of knitting and of keeping your toys safe from water, Julle’s camera and my latest knitting played nicely together. To hobbies that worked wonderful by the ocean. That is probably why I think the ocean suits us.


After taking pictures of the ocean we strolled along the cutest little alleys you can imagine and the immeadiate urge to move here hit us both. It’s not realistic at the moment but you should have long term plans. We’ve also decided to come back in the winter to see what that is like.


There happened to be an Autumn Fair while we were there and yes, there were yarn… I got some. It felt good. I love how you always meet interesting people at fairs like this. You meet some you don’t agree with as well but that’s a different thing. I have strong opinions about my knitting but as long as you don’t try to force your opinions on me, I keep mine to myself (most of the time and usually as long as someone doesn’t ask me about it) but it’s interesting how often people don’t think I know what I’m talking about or try to convince me of stuff that I simply won’t agree with, not now and probably never unless something huge changes.


After a long day of taking pictures and Walking around we went to a café to rest for a while.


Their pastries were so good we had to go back on Sunday before going back home. We picked our favorite things from the day before – strolling along the ocean, dreaming of a life in one of the cute cottages and that incredibly delicious pastry you see in the Picture – so that’s what we did on Sunday.


Once back I understood why I loved Öregrund so much. I have often thought that it would be lovely to live inside a cross-stitch. It might sound crazy but there is something in some cross-stitch motives that just speaks to me. It’s calm, beautiful, pieceful and looks like a lovely way of life. That’s why I felt so at home in Öregrund, it was like stepping into a big cross-stitch motive from Dimensions. What’s not to love?

Good bye Öregrund, till we meet again!