A moment to knit


I’ve spent the evening weaving in ends. Not my favourite chore but it needs to be done. After that I met my stitch count on the latest MKAL and now I have a moment to knit on whatever I want. I think I will spend it finishing the brown little baby sweater but we’ll see. There are a lot of nice knittings around me and a lot of possibilities.

It flew by like the wind


As of yesterday I am back home safe and sound. It’s been a great few days, I’ve had so much fun, both intellectually and socially and it was lovely to see my friend Ida again. In the end I brought three pairs of socks’ and a children’s cardigan’s worth of knitting and I cast on one pair of socks and the cardigan on the train there. I knit a few rows on the sock at the end of the conference when I didn’t want to disturb the lectures by joining the sleeves to the cardigan body but besides that I only knit on the cardy. Despite the fact that I barely knit a stitch on Saturday, by the time I reached my town I had only half the yoke left. I consider that good progress. Also, it was the perfect knitting for a conference, I often find the body of a small cardigan tidious since it’s a lot of rows in stockinette stitch on small needles and it usually just takes longer than I think is necessary. But doing this at a conference was perfect since I had a lot of knitting time so it actually did go fast, one day and it was done, and it wasn’t tidious since I got to listen to interesting lectures and seminars at the same time. Simply perfect.

Friday heels #3


Today’s picture is from a couple of days ago, today isn’t as sunny as the picture show, but still true. I wore these shoes today, they are a new pair for this fall and, apart from a blister or two the first time I wore them, they are very confortable and I love them. They’ve also felt very suitable for a conference where you want to look somewhat professional but also need to be comfortable. An exellent choice of footwear for these past two days. And for other days too.

Pro tip


The conference knitting has begun. A pro tip from me: if you are knitting at a conference and happen to have forgotten you meassuring tape, remembering that an ordinary sheet of paper, as the one above, is 210×297 millimeters might help. It did for me.

Planning ahead


I’m going out of town for a conference for a few days and this means planning my knitting. Two kids’s sweaters and two pairs of socks are with me, and my work-in-progress; my poncho. That should be enough but better safe than sorry. I have had the unpleasant experience of running out of yarn mid-conference once and I don’t intend to do that again. This trip includes two full days of conference plus two five hours train rides. That can be a lot of knitting and I really look forward both to the conference, which I am sure will be more than interesting, and the knitting. Food for the brain, both intellectually and creatively, my kind of fun.

Loose ends


The day has been spent tying up loose ends (while not actually weaving in ends). I had a pair of socks that were 40 something rounds from being finished and besides the satisfaction of a finished project I also wanted to free up the needles for other projects. Now the socks are done and blocking and I have five double pointed needles to do whatever I want with. I’m not sure how I feel about the socks yet, we’ll see after they are blocked, but the color is really nice, especially now that fall is really here, the air is crisp, there is frost in the mornings and more and more leaves are turning yellow and red, and 40 rounds of one sock is ridiculous to leave undone. It will also be interesting to hopefully be able to fully grasp the lace when the socks are blocked.

Now it’s time to finish up some more on-going projects.



Yesterday my friend Louise had a birthday and I found out about a week ago that she was having a dinner party. Well, birthdays are for knitting so Julle bought some yarn and I cast on during theatre rehearsal on Monday evening.


By the time I went to bed one wristwarmer was finished and the whole pair was blocking on Tuesday evening. I’m telling you this is a quick knit. This time the beads worked without a hitch and I’m absolutely in love with how they made an ordinary, well executed but still quite ordinary, knitting become both elegant and noticeable. I gave these away but I might make a pair for myself as well.


Pattern: Moonshine by Klara Norberg. Yarn: Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, color 17 Navy Blue. The color is a bit darker than these pictures show. Many thanks to dear Christine for excellent knitwear modelling!

Friday Heels #2


Next out in Friday Heels is a pair of purple pumps that I found in a lost and found box at my then boss’ office back in 2009. I tried these shoes on and liked them and put them in my own office for a few weeks until I was sure the owner wasn’t coming for them while at the same time walked around the office in them every few days. They are great because they were already broken in when I got them and think the previous owner wasn’t the first owner because I happen to know the previous owner is my age and I think these pumps might be from the 80’s (they are quite similar to the ones my mum wore when she got married sometimes in the 1980’s) and someone my age didn’t have big enough feet to wear this in the 80’s.


I love this type of heel even though it’s difficult to walk in on certain fondations but I think it’s very becoming. The toe is a bit too pointy for me, I prefer very round toes but the purple color makes up for any flaw they might have in other areas. They aren’t super comfortable but works fine it I only have to walk short distances and can sit down every now and then. All in all, a good shoe in a nice color and color is always a good thing.