Knitter on the go


With the risk of being redundant and write a blog post about something I’ve already shared my thoughts on (for the record I want to add that I did finish all the projects shown in that blog post) I just have to talk a bit more about why I keep multiple knitting projects. A few days ago the question rose again amongst the non-knitters – why keep multiple projects on the same time? I answered like I usually do that it’s a hobby and something I do for me in my spare time and therefore I get to do it on my own terms which sometimes (most times) mean multiple projects on the go. I also answered that an addiction  slightly biased attitude towards yarn is much healthier than a lot of other addictions. Also, yarn might be expensive but if you look upon how many hours of fun you get with each skein of yarn compared to, I’d say, most other hobbies on the more pricey side, it’s actually quite cheap.

I have, as mentioned above, discussed before why I have many projects going on at the same time but yesterday I found yet another reason. I was catching a train late in the afternoon and just before leaving home I finished my blue shawl. I love knitting on the train so I had to quickly find a new knitting. That wasn’t a problem, I have a baby cardigan on the needles, I could just pick up my project bag and go. Now, what if I hadn’t had that option, what would I have done? Well, I would have had to quickly come up with a new project, someting that didn’t really need a pattern because I wouldn’t have time to find notions, like stitch markers and scrap yarn, in a hurry. Socks would have been a good option, I’ve knit enough socks that I can churn out a decent pair of socks even without a pattern. For that I would need yarn. I do have a lot of yarn but can I just grab a yarn ball in a hurry? Most of my yarn is still in skeins. Second, the yarn ball would have had to be in the right weight. These are slight obstacles but manageable and would only slow me down a minute or so if I think fast (and is really inspired). The really hard part would have been knitting needles. I do not have a good system for knitting needles. Ever since we moved in here they have just been in a small moving box in no order what so ever, or hidden in different project bags. I don’t see a solution either, I just can’t figure out a way to keep them, a way that is efficient and helps me easily find what I’m looking for. Right now, finding five dpns in a hurry, preferably in the same size, is a challenge. That would have slowed me down for several minutes. Then yarn and needles would have had to be put in a project bag, or any kind of bag, and all in all it’s a good chance I would have missed my train or, if I had cought the train, I would have find out that I had tre dpns in size 2,5 mm and two in size 2,75. Or, if all needles were the same size, that my gauge was totally off and I needed a different size altogether. Sure, if I was a more organized knitter, who kept yarn prepared for moments like this and needles in a certain place, this would work out easily but then again, if I was a Knitter prepared for these situations with, like a prepped project bag just to grab (to be really sure everything would work out I would have had to also swatch when I prepared the project bags), wouldn’t that be almost the same as to have multiple projects going on? The only differece would have been if I had cast on the actual project or not and that difference is so tiny I can’t really see that it matter. Therefore, I like my system, I grab the next project bag and off I go. That’s, also, why I keep multiple projects.