How to take a picture


Today has been yet another beautiful day and we spent it taking pictures of knitted things. Better to make sure we do it now while the weather is nice and the days are long than later in the year when it’s basically just gray outside. To take picture of knitted stuff you need to prepare. You need to find a big lawn that you can use undisturbed. You need to find a good spot to put your knitting, you need a camera, someone to handle the camera and… apparently a ladder. This particular piece of knitting is huge  (I can’t wait to show it to you but the pictures need to be processed first) and the only solution was a ladder. Luckily this particular lawn comes with a house that has a garage where you can find pretty much anything. That might have been one of the reasons we picked this lawn. It also comes with food, another great aspect.


When you’ve found all the things listed above and you’ve displayed your piece of knitting in a way that is satisfactory to you, let your favorite photographer work her/his magic, in this case by adjusting the white balance, while you sit down in a comfortable chair in the sun by a birch tree (it doesn’t have to be a birch tree, or a tree at all, come to think of it) and knit.


When the photographer claims that s/he’s done and has photographed the knitted piece from every possible angle, don’t believe her/him but look stern and ask for some more pictures, preferably with you yourself posing with your piece of knitting. Then go on for some more (this part is sadly not compatible with knitting itself as you need to hold your finished object while posing) until you think  you’ve got all you need and some more. Fold your finished object, store it, or whatever you intended to do with it, while your photographer packs up her/his equipment and then go back to your chair in the sun by the birch tree and knit, you’ve earned it.