So I guess disco is back

About a week ago I cast on a new knitting. It will be a shawl in a soft blue merino yarn and I want it to be perfect. It’s for someone who has helped me a lot, someone who I have the deepest respect for, someone who knows about color and fabric and isn’t afraid to tell. With this shawl I want to say thank you and I want it be a token, even if it’s not even close to enough, of my gratitude and I want this shawl to be loved and appreciated and worn and therefore it needs to be perfect. This someone made me something really special which will always be remembered throughout my entire life and I want to give something, however small, back.


So, perfect is what I’m aiming for. For it to be perfect I had to find the perfect yarn in the perfect color. That was sort of easy. Malabrigo sock in colorway Azules was the obvious answer. Then I went searching for patterns. That was a little more difficult but I managed without to much effort. I bought the pattern and realized it called for beads. I Went into my bead stash and dug out two kinds of blue beads. Neither of them was perfect. I thought that if I just try them out it will be fine. I picked the one I thought closest to my yarn and proceeded. I started knitting, using the beads but it didn’t feel right. I Went online and searched for better beads and I found them, or so I thought. Turns out I needed eight different types of blue beads to find the right ones. While I waited for the beads to arrive, I put my knitting aside and knit on something else. Yesterday the beads arrived.


Five of the eight types of beads turned out to be wrong immeadiately and I had only three choices left. I sought knitterly advice and expertise and discussed which ones would be the best, the perfect bead. I knew I wanted the beads to highlight but not to take over and therefore it had to be elegant but discrete.


The first contestant, first one from the left, was decided to be a little boring. Not enough glow. Very pretty indeed but a little boring. I still find it kind of elegant though.


The second contestant seemed good at first but was later, after a test run they turned out to be too dark. Just, the wrong shade of blue, which was a little unexpected.


The third contestant I initially thought too light and too, I don’t know, disco? It didn’t feel elegant enough. Too much popsicles and beach walks if you get what I mean (it’s totally okay if you don’t, people rarely do when I try to explain these things).


Turned out I was wrong. The disco popsicle ones were perfect for my project. The same shade of blue, not showing themselves too much but instead making the whole thing pop. I think this will be really good.