On the beach in style


The weather this summer has been a little weird. Last summer we had an unusally warm July but from second week of August the weather turned cooler and a little rainy. This summer July was terribly rainy but from August 1 the weather has been great. Therefore we’ve taken the time to go the beach a few times in the last couple of weeks and yesterday was one of those times.


I have a bit of a ritual at the beach. You arrive, you choose your spot to place towels and such and then you go into the water. You stay there for as long as you want or as long as your company wants and then you come back up again, sunbathe and then eat your picknick and then before you go home you take one last dip in the water. It’s what I find best to get the most out of going to the beach. Picknick can be pretty much anything depending on how long you plan on staying. Yesterday we had bit of an unexpected but completely delicous picknick. One friend brought chocolate and another strawberries and the chocolate melted, as chocolate tend to do when exposed to sunlight and abracadabra, we had chocolate fondue. I don’t think I’ve been as classy at the beach ever, not to mention how good it was. Also, if you got melted chocolate all over your hands and face you could always go into the water and wash it off. As I said, classy.