In need of a cleaning

Back in July, before we had company, we cleaned our apartment.  And I’m not just saying a little tidying up, a little light dusting and a round or two with the vacuum. No, we made a huge cleaning: the entire pantry, wardrobes and the study has never been so clean before. It was boring while we did it and when we were finished we moved out of the apartment to make room for our guests but it was totally worth it. It felt easier to breath and it still does even though we’ve cluttered it up a bit since.


There was one place we never got to though, or rather, I never got to. The knitting. I have plenty of project bags but I rarely clean them out whenever I’ve finished a project. I always leave a little left over yarn, maybe a knitting needle, a ball band, stitch markers and just about anything. This means that I rarely have any empty project bags when I need them but instead have a lot of ongoing projects, or so it seems.


Therefore I’ve decided to make a little fall cleaning. Tidy up the stash a bit, empty project bags, look through works-in-progress. I might think I only have two projects on the go right now, one is in the freezer waiting for beads in the right color and one is with me every day, and a MKAL. This is probably not true if I actually start looking through that basket. Then it’s a question of deciding what is worth finishing and what should be frogged. I’m really looking forward to this, not to mention I think it’s necessary. If I don’t do it I will soon be buried under an avalanche of project bags and that might not be so pleasant, especially if among all those bags I can’t find even one project to work on and therefore have absolutely nothing to do while waiting for them to dig me up. That idea doesn’t thrill me at all so it’s probably best if I just tidy it up.

On the beach in style


The weather this summer has been a little weird. Last summer we had an unusally warm July but from second week of August the weather turned cooler and a little rainy. This summer July was terribly rainy but from August 1 the weather has been great. Therefore we’ve taken the time to go the beach a few times in the last couple of weeks and yesterday was one of those times.


I have a bit of a ritual at the beach. You arrive, you choose your spot to place towels and such and then you go into the water. You stay there for as long as you want or as long as your company wants and then you come back up again, sunbathe and then eat your picknick and then before you go home you take one last dip in the water. It’s what I find best to get the most out of going to the beach. Picknick can be pretty much anything depending on how long you plan on staying. Yesterday we had bit of an unexpected but completely delicous picknick. One friend brought chocolate and another strawberries and the chocolate melted, as chocolate tend to do when exposed to sunlight and abracadabra, we had chocolate fondue. I don’t think I’ve been as classy at the beach ever, not to mention how good it was. Also, if you got melted chocolate all over your hands and face you could always go into the water and wash it off. As I said, classy.

Sometimes I’m so easy to read


It wasn’t really much of a decision really. It was pretty clear from the beginning what I would do. What is pictured here might look like the exact same piece of knitting as I showed you yesterday but look closer, it’s not. This one has button holes. I ripped back four inches, or 10 centimeters, and re-knit it to include those precious button holes. It was pretty obvious that I would do it, not much to think about really. I wanted button holes on the right front piece and button holes I made sure to get. It set me back a few hours but it was totally worth it. Now I’m very curious how this knitting will continue, the construction is a little unusual compared to what I normally knit and I’m not sure yet what I think about it. We’ll see.

It was going too well

I’m knitting and knitting, baby sweaters and shawls. I’m buying beads and I’m buying yarn. It’s interesting how much time I seem to have all of a sudden. It’s quite nice and I try to enjoy it while it lasts. Time is a fickle mistress, she’s never around when you need her for a longer period of time.


This is a front of a baby cardigan. It’s pretty, it’s soft and it’s Purple. There is only one problem with this little beauty. Can you see it? Yep, it doesn’t have any button holes. It should have. I don’t believe that babies care about whether the buttons are placed on the left or on the right side. However, I do believe that their parents care about easy access. Buttons placed on the left side are easier to button if you are dressing someone else and buttons placed on the right side are easier to button if you are dressing yourself. In my experience babies rarely dress themselves, hence I prefer to place buttons on the right side. Since the knitted piece above is clearly a left front it should have button holes. It doesn’t. We’ll see if this bothers me enough to change it or if I come up with some other solution and until then I’m just going to grind my teeth while I decide if this was my fault or the pattern’s fault. So far I’m leaning toward the pattern but that might just be initial stubbornness.

It’s a nice day for a…

Sorry about the radio silence but I think you’ll forgive me when you find out what I’ve been doing instead. You might have already guessed.


Well, I have been knitting but that’s not what’s been keeping me away from the blog. Any guesses? No?


Well, how about now?


…white wedding.

This is what we’ve been working on for the past few months. The white shawl, all the green paper, everything came together on August 1 and it was an amazing day. More pics will come, especially of the veil, but I don’t have them myself yet. Everything is still a little crazy and so far I’ve mostly snuggled up on my couch with a knitting that is not a white shawl and I think that’s how it will continue for a little while until I’ve managed to wrap my head around it all.