I’ve never used that word before


I took a pause from the lace tonight (don’t worry, I still made progress earlier today) and went to a concert with Jenny Holmgren and band, but it was really a family reunion. Three (from our perspective, two of the three were siblings) cousins with families met up and it was quite fun. Most of them I’ve never met before, or I was too young to remember or be remembered. The lead singer is my second cousin (I have a gazillion second cousins but I’ve barely met anyone so it’s both new and fun to actually do so and also hear her sing) and she is super talented. She sang, her husband played the guitar, her mum gave me good career advice and my mum told funny stories of long gone family members. On the train I knit on something not white lace and it was a great evening. Tomorrow, though, awaits white lace. That’ll be okay too.