A shawl club


Throughout the years since I first joined Ravelry in 2010 I have favorited a lot of shawl patterns. By a lot I mean a lot. Some I’ve already knit and some I don’t care for anymore but a lot of them are still very pretty. I might not want them myself but I think they would be very fun to knit. Most of them are lace but not all. A lot of them are fingering weight yarn and some are lace and some are made of heavier stuff. Some are huge and some are small but I think the shawlettes are down to a minimum. When I last looked at these favorited shawls it struck me what a waste it is to have favorited all these yummy shawls and not knit them.

I know people who have made themselves their own sock club. In early January they put together 12 kits with yarn and sock pattern, they put the kits in ziplocks and stash them somewhere where they can’t see what’s inside the bag, like on a top shelf, and then, at the beginning of every month they randomly choose a ziplock and try to finish the pair of socks before the month is over. By the end of the year they have 12 new socks.

This might be disillusion from knitting way too much white lace on tiny needles speaking but I think it would be fun to make myself a shawl club. I would choose the twelve prettiest shawls amongst my unknit favorites on Ravelry, make sure they are a diverse, e.g not all lace weight lace shawls but also some fingering weight, some worsted weight, some cables, some slipped stitches and so on, purchase the pattern if I don’t have it already, maybe pair it with yarn (even though this is a bad idea, what if I happen to choose brown or blue in February, that poor shawl would never be knit), hide kits, randomly choose on the 1st of every month and then happily cast on. Instead of pair the pattern with a specific yarn I could perhaps designate a box with stash yarn, make sure I have everything I need in there for all the shawls and then pick a color that suits my mood.

This could be a fun way to actually knit all those lovely shawls I’ve favorited. First I would make sure I’m actually interested in making that specific shawl though. I have favorited a lot that I no longer like or that are just good looking but not something I would want to knit. At the end of the year I would have twelve new shawls. I’m not sure I would want them all for myself, they could just as easily become gifts. It would all just be more of a way of knitting and enjoying the process and knowing the end result will be something I appreciate, rather than the end result in itself. The shawl will not be destined for something in particular right away, maybe I figure it out as I go along. Or maybe I will just end up with a box of shawls that no one will ever use but at least I kept myself occupied and had fun in the process.