It’s too early


Look what I found yesterday! One blooming lilac flower. I don’t Think it got the memo that lilacs bloom after the bird cherry and not the other way around (whenever would the shoemaker have a vaction otherwise?). On the other hand, I can understand this little lilac. Last spring this particular lilac bush was crammed in between ladder scaffolding and didn’t have much space to bloom at all. Maybe the bush feels that it have to seize the opportunity to bloom when it can in case the same thing will happen this year. In my opinion, and that’s based on how it was when I was a child, the lilacs shouldn’t bloom until the beginning of June, or at the very earliest the end of May, when school is out for the summer and you have many weeks of lazy days and fun things.  In reality, after about a week you were sick and tired of having nothing to do and all your friends had already left town, but right then and there, first days of vacation, the lilacs were blooming and you had no idea yet what this wonderful summer had to offer.