Since we go a balcony last year I’m much more interested in gardening. Before I thought it tedious and not for me, not to mention that you had to put your hands in soil and such. That I lived on the 6th floor without a balcony of any kind made it all even more difficult to overcome. Now though, now I love my flowers and I keep flower pots in every room (except the kitchen, so far I haven’t found anything that seems to like the kitchen) and I even remember to water them. I still dislike getting my hands dirty and sticky but I bought a good pair (or actaually three) of garden gloves last year and they work fine. Last summer was a success when it came to making the balcony a little oasis in the middle of the city and the fact that it was one of the warmest summers in forever made the balcony an ideal place to sip on mojitos in the evenings.

So far we haven’t taken out the balcony furniture, aparently we need to buy a new wooden balcony floor first but today we took care of last years flower pots and such (yeah, obviously it’s much more fun to put the flowers in the pots that to remove them…) and I took the opportunity to plant the three flower shoots that I picked from the geranium in the kitchen before it died completely. They have been spending a few weeks in glasses of water and have grown roots so I thought it best for tchem to get into pots as soons as possible.


I followed every rule that I know of and I’ve put them in the same window they were while in glasses. Now we have come to the difficult part and the part that makes me unsure about this whole gardening thing. Now I have to wait. I have to wait and see if the geraniums will like their new pots of if they will die (probably the latter just to spite me. My mum replanted one of tchem a few months ago and it loves it at her place. Today I got it back and I’m sure it will dislike my bedroom so much it will just dry out (despite every effort to water it) in no time). With knitting I know instantly if it will work or not or at least I can knit some more (nothing happens when I don’t knit) to find out but with flowers and gardening I just have to wait and see. It’s very frustrating. I’ve read that they like a warm and sunny window and I’ve put them in the sunniest and warmest window we have. But still, wait and see. I’m not a very patient waiter. Luckily I have my knitting. By the time the shawl is finished I’m sure I know wether the geraniums like it or not.