“New York City has no power, and the milk is getting sour”


Lat night when I got home from work we lost the power in the apartment. We’re not sure why but it was gone for about two hours. That’s when you realize how dependent you are on electricity. I couldn’t get myself a sandwhich because the only bread we had home was frozen (I had taken it out of the freezer before we lost the power, otherwise I wouldn’t have opened the freezer) and the toaster was out of question (it also might have been that one who caused the outage in the first place), I couldn’t watch TV, not listen to the radio, not charge my cellphone. I could’ve read a book or taken a walk but due to Murphy’s law that’s when the sky turned dark gray and it started to rain, which meant it got very dark inside as well. Of course I could’ve written on my Polish assignment but I didn’t want to use the computer for important stuff in the case the batteries would die when I hadn’t hit the Save button, and well, due to lack of aforementioned sandwhich I was hungry – aka cranky – and that’s never a good starting point for studies. In the end I settled for watching Pride and Prejudice on my computer – not as bad if batteries die – and knit (on the white shawl, what else). Good thing knitting is always possible, no electricity needed there. Unless it gets to dark of course…


Yes, my favourite bud, remember? It now has two flowers, not one, but two! Yay!