Seven repeats

This blog is sadly neglected right now. I didn’t mean to but I only have one knitting project and it’s eating me at the same time as I want to knit more on it. I even saw a knitting opportunity the other day when a friend said they might have the stomach flu in the family but she was pretty sure she didn’t have it and I thought, no worries, if I get it, I can stay home and knit, completely disregarding the fact that a stomach flu and white lace should be nowhere near each other, instead I should look for buckets to keep around the house, but you see, that’s how desperate I am for this to be finished). Last week I also had two deadlines for my Polish class, a scary doctor’s apointment, thoughts and plans about the future and basically just crazy things happening and (almost) no knitting.


Instead I search for spring and proof that summer isn’t far away, which it isn’t. The magnolias are in full bloom, leaves are growing bigger every day and nature is just exploding. It’s lovely but at the same time I don’t feel like I have the time to fully enjoy. I must knit.


I have made seven repeats of the triangle lace which means I have seven to go, which means that lengthwise I am halfway through, but since the rows are getting longer and longer it will take me a quite some time to knit the rest. It took about a month to knit even repeats which could mean it will take two months to knit the last seven which is time that I don’t have. Hence, it can not take two months. Preferably it will take a month to finish the center and then if the last edge is done by Midsummer, I will be one happy camper but unfortunately that’s a bit unrealistic. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’s not way too off though.


While I keep knitting like a little lunatic I guess there will be a lot of pictures of flowers in the blog because no matter how clever the pattern a huge mass of unblocked white lace still looks like a huge mass of white  withered sallad and I don’t know about you but I don’t find that very interesting to look at seven days a week.