Ten meter is quite a bit


If you, like me, have problems understanding how long 10,5 meters are, I give you this picture. This is taken before I cut the ends so it’s a little fuzzy. There, in the distance, is Karin, kindly holding the other end. I think the longest lace I’ve made before was 80 cm (if you don’t count 120 cm before I signed up for bobbin lace class, I made lace for one and a half handkerchief when Lyndsey got married. I got the half one, with lace only on two sides. It then disappeared during the reception and no one has seen it since. I hope it wasn’t accidentally thrown in the trash but that someone found it nice and is now enjoying it themselves (and that they have a name or a cat or something that starts with an I because I put that in pink on it)).


This is the pile I got from cutting ends. I think we figured out that I have used 250 meters of yarn in this one lace. That’s not much when it comes to knitting but quite a lot when we are dealing with lace. Now, I while have a welldeserved (bobbin) lace break and concentrate on my (knitting) lace instead.