My new buddy


There is a Swedish children’s movie called “Can you whistle, Johanna?”, set in the 1950’s, that is always shown on Christmas Eve in Sweden. It’s about a young boy, Berra, who, together with his best friend Uffe, starts the search for a grandfather. He finds one at a home for the elderly and together the three of them make all kinds of fun things until one day granddad passes away. Berra is very keen on learning how to whistle and granddad tries to help him. Anyway, in this movie there is a middle-aged cranky man, Mr. Gustavsson, who is way too protective of his garden and the kids are very afraid of him. Mr Gustavsson has a beautiful garden with a great cherry tree (very popular with the kids) among other things and the most precious flower in his garden is a rose. Mr. Gustavsson constantly fusses around this rose, spraying it with water, picks bugs out of it with tweezers and so on. When granddad has his birthday, Uffe and Berra takes him out on all sorts of adventures, they watch TV through the shop windows , something granddad finds very amusing, and barbecue and other things and in the end they climb Mr. Gustavsson’s cherry tree to munch on cherries. All goes well until it’s time to climb down and granddad, who is getting quite old, falls down and Uffe and Berra are terribly afraid as Mr. Gustavsson comes out of his house as he has heard the noise. But granddad knows what to do. He stands up and talks to Mr. Gustavsson about television, something that Mr. Gustavsson has thought of buying, and granddad cautions Mr. Gustavsson about the waves that goes through the air, that the waves will be fatal for Mr. Gustavsson’s rose. To protect the rose, granddad advice Mr. Gustavsson so create a little roof made of tinfoil to put over the rose, which Mr. Gustavsson promptly does the very next day.

Shortly thereafter granddad dies and before the funeral Berra sneaks into Mr. Gustavsson’s garden and cuts the rose without hesitate. At the funeral he puts the rose on the casket and starts whistling.

I am just like Mr. Gustavsson about this bud that I found in my flower pot. I’ve had this plant for four years and it took two years for it to bloom the first time. Then it gave me six lovely flowers but as I didn’t spend much time at home during that period I couldn’t really enjoy them. Then it took another two years before I spotted a new bud but this time it only gave me one flower. That was earlier this winter and I thought I would have to wait another two years for new buds to sprout but no, look at this, it’s new bud. I keep giving it sips of water and talks to it and make sure it has enough light and yesterday when Julle opened the bedroom window without my knowledge I got very scared that my precious little bud had gotten too cold. I haven’t made a roof out of tinfoil yet though but I suspect that might be the next step.