My inner street dancer


During Easter I watched some dance movies (mostly about street dance) and I realized how much I miss dancing. A few years ago I danced five to eight hours a week and now, nothing. I’ve never done street dance but all of a sudden I’m sure I need to bring out my inner street dancer. I know my friends doesn’t believe I have one but I’m convinced I do. I’ve experimented with some baggy clothes and letting my hair down and I think I’m totally in contact with my inner street dancer. To prove it I rocked at zumba today (which is totally not street dance but pretty darn fun) but due to Easter there was no zumba last week so I think I’ve gotten a little comfortable because today’s zumba was exhausting (that might also be because we did all the really fast songs with a choreography that involves a lot of jumping). I have been exhausted ever since, the afternoon at the office I could bare sit up straight, it was lucky my office chair has arm rests because otherwise I would have been constantly falling down on the floor and I was way too exhausted to get up again. I made it home eventually and I’m starting to feel a little better. I think I will go to bed soon.