Roller derby and floorball while picking flowers with the wolf


So, Easter break has finally started for me. I’ve read Little Red Riding-hood in Polish, it took me an hour and a lot of help from google translate but it’s read. Now all I have to do is write my own version of Czerwony Kapturek. Let me also tell you that google translate is not very good at Polish (nor Swedish for that matter). There was a very sudden appearance of a meat grinder in the woods with Red, which struck me as a little weird. Also, after it turned out that the meat grinder was really the wolf (could that maybe be his roller derby name?) he explained to Red that people have often told him he has a deep voice and that he wanted to “create a youth team” (and I saw him forming a floorball team right there in the middle of the forest) but it turned out what he really wanted was to join a choir. After these excersises I deserve some well earned Easter break. It will be totally different from any other spare time I have. What I’ll do? Knit and bobbin lace of course.