GLP uppdate #8 – In which we take a moment to panic


So, the last few days I’ve been a little sick and tired with the lace. It’s just so much white lace. But I’ve been clinging on to it, working, working, because I knew I would soon be done with the border and could start the triangular shaping. This weekend I did it and I knew there were only 20-something rows of a different type of lace before I could start the triangle. The triangle, I thought, would go much faster. It gradually becomes bigger the more stitches I add but it will be quick. When I arrive at the beginning of the triangle, surly I would soon be done.


Ah, ye ignorant, innocent children! We started counting the stitches for the triangle, and the stitches of the top border. As it turns out those two combined are 256 000 stitches (212 000 sts if we only count the triangle). 212 000 stitches. That is a lot. That’s more than a lot. I know I’ve been pulling off 130 000 sts in a month before but remember, this lace is not portable at all as it is adjoined by a huge cone of yarn. When doing the NaKniMo I could bring knitting with me everywhere, with this I’m confined to the house.

It got even more demoralizing when it turned out that the remaining stitches are acutally more than the ones I’ve already done. Not by much but still. It has taken me seven months to get to this, now I have to do the other half in 100 days (preferably faster if I want to have time to block it (and let it dry) before the deadline).


This means that from now on there will be only kntting lace (and bobbin lace, I have 7,5 meters and only three meters to go but still, it needs to be done) in my life. I might have thought that there already only was knitting white lace but I was wrong. Now I will truly learn what knitting white humongous lace for a deadline really means. It will be pain and tears and anger but I still think it might work. Besides, 256 000 sts in 100 days are only 2560 sts per day. That’s totally doable. Right?