Sock stop


I don’t know if you remember but in October I stated that I was going to knit a lot of socks. Well, in the end I only made three pairs but that was good work too. Since the Green Week last week the sun has been shining and spring is truly here so I figure I better show you the socks I made before it’s way too warm and sping-y to even think about hand knit socks.


Don’t mind the size, these ones are too small for me but they weren’t intended for me either so that’s okay. I’m just pleased I managed to make to similar socks out of self striping yarn. That’s acually a bit tricky but it turned out nice and I only needed one ball of yarn instead of two. Total win!


The only way you can tell these socks apart is the afterthought heel. One is yellow and the other is red. I thought that was a nice design element.


I then made another pair but was a bit disappointed in the yarn. I thought it would have more of a mix of white and pink, not all white in one place and all pink in another.


They were made the same way, with an afterthought heel, only used one ball of yarn and are too small for me but again, they are not intended for me so that’s okay.


Now, what to do with the left overs?


Pattern: I made it up as I went along.  Yarn: Järbo Garn mellanraggi, color 308 for the multicolored and 312 for the pink and white.