That’s just the way it goes


It’s a funny thing, inspiration. Sometimes I like to just be presented with possibilities, like going to the yarn store and find a yarn I like and then work from there with what to make. Other times I have a clear vision on what I want and then I need to find the yarn that fits my vision. I find these two ways to get inspired are quite opposite each other, one is input from outside, to expose myself to inspiration and then pick and choose, the other comes from within and ends in searching for the right thing. Both have their pros and cons. To have an open mind can lead to totally new things and the material is right there when I’ve found my inspiration and made my choice but what if the exposure doesn’t lead to anything, what if I don’t find anything tempting? To have a vision is comfortable, I know where I’m heading and I have a clear idea but what if my vision is too precise and I never find anything that fits it? I don’t know which of these two I prefer, I’ve had good and bad experiences with both. Maybe the exposure one is a little simple, provided that it actaully works, but the vision one is better if it’s a big and important decision, do what you actually want and not just what’s available.

This weekend was a little crazy when it came to inspiration through vision. I had a vision for a card that I’m making in which I needed the perfect lime green to go with some pink paper that I already have. I had found a good paper online, the one to the left in the picture, but it was discontinud (just my luck, why does this always happen when it comes to visions?). Now, I am a little crazy, especially when it comes to color. I guess it’s the artist in me who is very decisive when it comes to matching colors. When the paper I found was not available I didn’t give up or settled for another color, no, I found myself a web page with a lot of papers (I actually didn’t realize at first exactly how many) and then I looked through the catalogue of all individual papers and put the ones that could work and seemed similar to “my” lime green paper in the cart. Then I looked at my lime green papers in the cart and started to really compare them to the ideal one and one by one I narrowed it down till I only had a hand full left. These I ordered, since I learned the hard way that you shouldn’t trust pictures on a screen. Now, all I have to do is hold my thumbs (as we do in Sweden, instead of keeping our fingers crossed) that one of these sheets of papers will work as well as I imagine with my pink paper.

In the end I realized that I looked at over 7500 papers yesterday, that was over 500 pages with 15 different sheets of paper on each page. Can you imagine how much inspiration through exposure I got from that?