As My Whimsy Takes Me


Ever since before Christmas I’ve been in a literary draught. Nothing pleases me, nothing is to my desire. Over Christmas I managed to relax enough that I could sit down with an approachable book but after Christmas it was back to the draught. I have been listening to some Agatha Christie audio books while bobbin lace and when I found a Swedish translation of Dorothy Sayers’ Gaudy Night on a shelf, I tried it, if one crime novel writer could work, maybe also another. It did actually. I’ve been looking forward to this book, it has made me late and made me stay up at night. That’s a good sign for a book. Unfortunately it ended all too quickly and I was bookless once again with no desire to read.

Apparently Sayers worked so I decided that I would continue on that track. I Went down to the Uppsala English Bookshop and entered and told Stina what I was looking for. Isn’t it wonderful thing that there are people who immeadiately understands when you tell them that you are in need of Dorothy Sayers, not just as a book but as something bigger. Stina understood and together we discussed Sayers and Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane and rules of translation and it was great. I left with five books and hopefully this will keep me occupied of a while. This might be at least a few hours of rain in the huge literary draught.